Established in 2012, Biomix is one of the largest Australian owned compost providers in Victoria. Using a combination of enclosed vessel composting and open windrow maturation we produce a high quality mature compost product.   

Biomix has focused on developing solutions for the agricultural markets which can improve soil health, reduce water use and increase plant yield. It also provides compost products for use in the home garden. 

The team at Biomix are passionate about producing good quality compost. 

Our Values

Community Garden

Biomix is a proud member of the Stanhope community. It provides sponsorship to the Stanhope Football Club and local schools. 


Green Leaf

Biomix produces compost which meet Australian Standards (AS4454).

It is also certified organic NOP.

Domestic Waste Bin

Biomix is responsible for the diversion of over 100,000 tonnes of organics from landfill. The Biomix facility is operated under an EPA Licence. Biomix has designed and built a facility which goes beyond basic compliance to minimize our environmental footprint. 

Cattle in Pasture
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Tel: 0488 993 066 

980 Two Tree Road

Stanhope, Victoria, 3623